About Kathryn Sweas

Kathryn Sweas is a natural-born healer with the gift of healing that provides an opportunity for someone, or something, to connect with the Divine of their understanding to harness Life Force more readily, efficiently and dynamically. Her gifts have been validated via preclinical scientific research using both cell-based and mouse models to suggest benefits for overall health and well-being and improved quality of life.Kathryn Sweas is highly experienced, inspirational and successful Registered Nurse who has served in the areas of Holistic Health and Wellness, Mental Health, Aging Populations, and Energy Healing and Body-Mind Therapeutics. Her drive and curiosity lead her to study the health and human sciences as well as the deeper forces inherent and between all things. In 2010, she encountered Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, Founder of Trivedi Global, Inc. and the Trivedi Effect. She recognized the Trivedi Science as a culmination to her life-long journey to understand and experience true healing.