As this is my first blog, I am choosing to write in a personal way and set forth the invitation into a deeper relationship with the Fountain of all Life Force, the Generator of Life, the Authority of all Life, and the most Powerful and Beneficent Well-Wisher we could ever have … the God of Our Own Understanding. Our own Divine. There is no dogma here. You may have a different name for it than I do, but no matter. What does matter is our willingness to engage and dance with it.

One very powerful lesson I have learned over the years of my journey is that establishing a stronger connection with the God of My Understanding has nothing to do with my intellect.

It has to do with my willingness to turn towards (inwards), relax into the simplicity of my breath in the moment and from a highly respectful and honest desire, ask for it. Ask for the Giver of Life to come present with the most just and beneficial response in the moment….and then, listen, hold patience and follow.

Here is what I offer you:

  1. Sharing my gift to boost your connection to greater “hook-up” to the Vital Life Force.
  2. Acknowledging and providing assistance identifying, what may be holding you back, keeping you stuck or limiting your ability to harness more Life Force, implement it in your body, mind and world, and carry it more fully from day to day, becoming a more powerful superconductor of Life Force. By the Grace that Transforms all things.
  3. No pampering. Pampering = non-beneficial, purposeless chatter that has no ground in truth or true caringness done to gain something for the comfort of ego.
  4. Sincere availability to celebrate and honor, with you, any transformation, healing or growth you experience and in that recognition, strengthen it.
  5. Laughter, probably laughter for sure. Gratitude for showing up for yourself and for Life.


My intellect’s job is to serve that. To be curious, awake and aware..and not fall prey to “lazy and lethargic” and compliance with useless things.

What is your part?

It has to do with an ongoing commitment to being honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, trusting, innocent and curious, listening and following and caring in all things. Being practical in the little things and the big things. Look for outcome rather than get lost in process.

Does it sound like a marriage contract? Yeah? Well, it is. The marriage of you with the Authority of your Existence. The Provider of your Health, Your Prosperity, Your Aliveness, Your Regeneration, Your Happiness, Your Best Opportunities, Your Fortunate Relationships, well…for everything in this journey of life.

It takes big courage.

If you have found your way to this blog, welcome.

My gifted capacity to infuse you and all life forms, human and non-human, with Life Force Energy has been through the Grace of the God of My own Understanding, my Divine. My extremely fortunate association with Mr. Mahendra Trivedi, a highly gifted being whose mission is to share his own Divine Gift in this world and establish a New Era of Science Unfolding to benefit humanity and all life forms on this planet, in this time when the need is great, has ignited the opening and flourishing of this gift for me. For this, I am grateful beyond words. I consider it a blessing to be able to share it with you and to whomever is drawn here. It is truly a flowering of my own journey as a healer and professional healthcare provider.

The highly significant data and results of the scientific research validating this work are extremely valuable as they serve to authenticate, through rigorous and best-practice third party testing, what has not been done before: a very real and practical merging of science and spirit, a merging whose time has come, and that time is now.

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