The purpose of this Life Force Energy Transmission is to connect you with your inner guidance system by deepening your connection to the Universal Life Intelligence – the God of your understanding. The grace of this Intelligence takes care of everything else in your life.    Life Force transmission, by grace, can boost you and ignite your natural blueprint that is already innate, allowing molecules, cells, bodies, brains, emotions, cognition – all levels of the biofield to connect more deeply with the spirit and harness the flow of Life Force and increase the capacity for implementing and circulating it, therefore, impacting all areas of experience.  It is important to remember that transformation is a process; not an event. Great improvements in areas such improved and consistent sleep patterns, increased relaxation in the body/mind, feeling deeper peace and clarity and mental rigor, calmness and less worry about the future, increased energy throughout a day, increased libido and sexual fulfillment, emotional balance, increased self-confidence and capacity for self-care have been experienced and reported   When you begin to live from these improved states, changes naturally begin to happen in your  world:  perception changes and becomes more intelligent, inclusive and discerning, increased opportunity for beneficial relationships, prosperity in successful outcomes – big or small,  the ability to respond to  challenges with more efficiency,  opportunities for growth, more aliveness and happiness according to your innate blueprint.  The immediacy in which the transformational benefits unfold varies from person to person. Some improvements are seen almost immediately, while others happen over a little period of time. No adverse effects have been reported to date.