Who Can Benefit from a Life Force Transmission?

Who Can Benefit from a Life Force Transmission?

Anyone can benefit from an energy transmission from Kathryn Sweas.  People from diverse backgrounds, ages, health conditions, situations, religious affiliations, beliefs and practices have reported beneficial results.   

When entered into with sincerity, a Life Force transmission boosts the connectivity to the Universal Intelligence, the Authority of All Life and Healing. 

All life forms, both  living and nonliving, can benefit. 

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About the Author:

Kathryn Sweas is a highly experienced, inspirational and successful Registered Nurse who has served in the areas of Holistic Health and Wellness, Mental Health, Aging Populations, Energy Healing and Body-Mind Therapeutics. She is a natural-born healer whose high consciousness and curiosity lead her to study the human health sciences.

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