Life Force Healing Transmissions’ greatest gift is the raising of consciousness within the recipient, human or non-human, and the practical outcomes that can result. Life Force is the emanation of the Author of Life as it moves throughout the creation. The ability to connect with it, harness it, utilize it, carry it and circulate it is the foundational carpet for high-level health and well-being.

It used to be that science believed health of an organism was related to strong or proper immunity, which became the focus of research and treatment development. In about the last 5-6 years, the latest in scientific understanding shifted into a more expansive understanding that included stress and inflammation along with immunity as the foundational markers for good health and well-being. So currently the three pillars of health are:

#1 Stress
#2 Inflammation
#3 Immunity

Stress and inflammation are directly proportional and cannot be separated. If one’s immunity is high, it can counteract some of the inflammation but it becomes an ongoing battle that can be taxing on the system. Emotional trauma, mental distress, sexual dysfunction can and often do add to the stress and inflammation burden, further taxing immunity and compromising physiological functioning.

Here are some examples:

Increased ability to absorb nutrients from our food and increased ability to absorb therapeutic constituents from pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. This is what we call increased capacity for “bioavailability”.

Increased intelligence of the individual cells to become aware of what to absorb and what not to absorb. This can lead to increased integrity and functionality of the cell, with greater cellular energy production.

Increased ability to harness chlorophyll from the sun (plants and trees)

Increased ability to take in Vit D from nature (animals and humans)

Our organs detoxify more efficiently and begin to flower in size, structure and function. Our endocrine, circulatory, excretory, digestive, immune and nervous systems begin to speak and listen more sensitively and operate more cooperatively in syntony. Our vitality, our strength, our mobility and our capacity to regenerate are all positively impacted and improve.

We flourish and survive on the mercy, the design and the beauty of nature and as we harness and implement more and more Life Force, our conductivity starts improving to more efficient levels.

We begin to transform physically, emotionally, sexually and mentally and our lives improve.

We notice opportunities when they show up and engage and open new doors toward connections, learning and successful outcomes.

We become more magnetic, infused with spirit and spirit becomes the leader in our lives day to day, moment to moment and it exponentially builds upon itself. Our consciousness raises. We are more aligned. Our conduction becomes super-conduction.

We become more awake, aware and alert. We notice the resonant consciousness in our daily lives more and more and what we observe, then, we can extract and harvest it for ourselves and that which we observe becomes more.

There is more exchange with our environment at many levels. There is more aliveness. We can regenerate at higher speeds. Our beneficial contributions to our world increase. We prosper in our associations, our knowledge and our wealth.

This can all happen in humans, animals, plants or trees, bacteria, virus, fungi, minerals each according to its design and purpose in the creation.

“When your consciousness is high, you will always be attracted to something more useful, more beautiful, more precious.” Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

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