Life Force Energy Transmissions

Kathryn Sweas is a natural born healer who entered the healing and healthcare profession early in life. Over the past several years in association with and immersion in the teachings and transmissions of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi Effect®, she was graced to open and deepen and strengthen her capacity to offer Life Force Energy Transmissions, to people of any age, animals, plants trees, minerals, allowing all life, living and non-living to connect with the Life Force in Nature.

This boosted connection allows for greater harnessing and potential activation of the blueprint inherent within the recipient that the Universal Creative Intelligence has already created by divine design, to flower and flourish at all levels of the biofield, purifying, strengthening, and raising molecular and cellular performance, affecting size, structure and function beneficially.

This promotes greater immunity, decreases chronic systemic stress and toxicity, heightens cellular coherence and performance and allows for the transformation in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of systems and lives. This allows for greater well-being and health, increased regenerative and adaptive capacity and more vibrant engagement in life.

This all happens by the Laws of Nature that govern all life, and as human consciousness grows and raises, continues to inform an ever-evolving and on-going scientific body of investigated data and outcomes. It is the raising of the conscious recognition of Spirit’s presence and role in all life and living endeavor, scientific understandings and phenomena, as well as the powerful harnessing and implementation for practical outcomes benefiting all life on planet earth.

Kathryn offers several ways to experience and benefit from the transformational energy of Life Force Transmissions.


This is an hour-long Skype or phone session that allows you to share your situation, your concerns, ask questions and receive input and support, initially or seasonally. While it is not mandatory for participation in any other programs, it is available for anyone who wants to dive in, requires the establishing of a more personal exchange and can be done one time or when the need arises during your transformational journey.

This consultation includes a Life Force Transmission at the end of the session followed by two more in your sleep on consecutive nights.


The Membership Program is designed for you to receive ongoing Energy Transmissions for greater health and well-being, to experience a deepened and strengthened connection with the God of Your Understanding, and the opportunity to participate in a supportive community.

Each of the Programs below is an ongoing membership which is charged once monthly, and you may cancel at any time.


Energy Transmissions
(Twice Weekly)


Energy Transmissions
(Every Other Day)


Energy Transmissions
(Every Day)

Special Daily Transmissions Program for Children

For Pets / Animals, contact Kathryn with details.

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Monthly Community Webinar

Every level of membership includes a monthly community webinar in which Kathryn will be joined by two extraordinary, scientifically validated Energy Healers: Eileen Meagher and Krista Callas:

Krista is a gifted energy healer who earned her Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, and worked in private practice combining Craniosacral and Birth Trauma Resolution Therapies with mothers and their infants. For many years she struggled with serious health issues, which all began to clear up when she met Guruji. Today, she is a Life Force Energy Healer, a wife, a homeschooling mom, and a small farmer who is devoted to Guruji’s revolutionary and life altering teachings. She is thrilled and deeply grateful to be collaborating with such talented colleagues at the forefront of this new, emerging Biofield science, and to be participating in bringing new solutions to our world.

Eileen knew that her life’s purpose was to help others. Having earned a PhD in Language and Communication Theory with first honors, she taught at all levels of education as a ministry, challenging students to question not only standard information but especially their own unquestioned assumptions. Because of her native interest in the intersection of science, consciousness, and spiritual transformation, she pursued the study of alternative healing modalities. In 2011, she encountered the scientific work of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. Having gratefully received his transmissions since 2011, she is now gifted to be the powerful healer she always yearned to be. She feels blessed to support his work in forging this new science for the benefit of all.

Each month, a timely and pertinent topic will be featured related to the practical applications and outcomes of the spiritual science related to the Trivedi Effect and Life Force transmissions and the wisdom of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi.

  • Learn more about harnessing and implementing Life Force in our lives

  • Explore deeper relationship with the Divine and the transformational journey

  • Ask questions arising that can be beneficial to the group
  • Share outcomes and learnings from your experience

  • Receive a group energy transmission during the call

Not a Member? You can still join the webinar!

If you are not currently part of a Membership Program, but would like to attend the webinar and receive a Group Life Force Energy Transmission from Kathryn, Eileen and Krista, you can sign up below.


Special projects in the areas Agriculture, Livestock, and more, are available, including the opportunity to collaborate with a powerful group of scientifically validated healers.

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